We have designed a ground floor return staircase to suit those doll houses with a central stairwell.

In these and a few other houses, as detailed below, this staircase can be variously combined with a return, reverse or right angled staircase to give attic access.

Please refer also to: MODIFICATIONS


Ground floor Return staircase with optional....

....Top floor Return

....Top floor Reverse

....Top floor Right angled

Colonial Yes Yes Yes*
Eliza Yes Yes -
Georgian Yes Yes Yes*
Grange Yes Yes Yes*
Homestead Ground floor right angled only
Leafield Ground floor Right angled / Top floor Right angled **
Leafield de luxe Top floor Right angled** ***
Rushton Ground floor Right angled / Top floor Right angled

Please note the Eliza is standard with return staitcase to first floor

* no top right stairwell partition - to enable fitting of the lower section of the upper staircase.

** block staircase(s) only - both aligned as illustrated in the Leafield de luxe Catalogue page.

*** Please note the Ground floor Right angled block staircase is standard in the Leafield de luxe