Welcome to Craft Works Doll Houses , a Australian owned company that manufactures high quality 1:12 scale kits/readybuilt doll houses and components.

In keeping with much of Australia's distinctive architecture, some of our houses feature what we believe to be a globally unique miniature scale combination of weatherboard with corrugated iron and bullnose verandah.

With the help of the latest Computer Aided Machinery, we are able to build to the highest Quality, and can also build CUSTOM homes to suit your Desire.

The 'Catalogue' pages display and describe the standard design of each house and any modification possibilities. More detailed information is available via the linked 'Modifications' and 'Staircase' sections.

Please note that the dimensions of each house are displayed by scrolling over its upper image in the 'Catalogue' page.

Our houses are constructed from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and feature polystyrene working sash windows and finely detailed balustrading.