About Us

Craft Works Doll Houses previously known as Craft Works (Australia) Pty Ltd first commenced manufacturing doll houses in February 1994; these are now sold wholesale across much of Australia to our approved retailers. We encourage the entry of new retailers in unrepresented regions.

We have recently expanded both our range of houses and the extent to which they can be modified; our website aims to describe and display the full range of our products as simply and clearly as possible.

In future, although we will continue to develop new doll house designs, we will not necessarily be adding to our range as we aim to substitute new houses for old.

We have provided indicative retail prices only; detailed information about price and availability should be obtained by contacting our retailers directly.

We emphasise that Craft Works Doll Houses essentially produces to order and that therefore we only have a very limited number of kit houses (and no readybuilts) “on the shelf”.

We encourage feedback that will help improve our product, presentation and performance - especially in relation to our satisfying our overall objectives, as follows:

1. Distinctiveness

........we manufacture to our own design. In keeping with much of Australia's distinctive architecture we display some design features that are unique to our company such as corrugated iron roofing and bullnose verandahs as well as our working polystyrene double sash windows and our finely detailed balustrading.

2. Diversity

........as part of our emphasis on individuality we also offer an extensive range of options for many of our houses. These include the facility to:
 * substitute wooden for polystyrene window and/or balustrade components;
 * select a house with weatherboard or brick walls as well as tiled or corrugated iron roofing/verandah;
 * modify the house interior according to staircase preference.

3. Durability

........all our houses are constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), a material made from reconstituted wood fibres that is sourced from renewable and sustainable Australian pine plantations.
Because MDF can be cut and routed cleanly, the 12 mm, 9mm and 6mm board that we use in our houses ensures very precise machining.
All parts are therefore tight fitting which, in combination with the quality raw materials that we use, results in a sturdy and strong product that is extremely long lasting.